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Jes Extender Results

Jes Extender Results and review

buy-jes-extenderThe Jes Extender was one of the first penis extenders on the marked; it has been around since 1994. With 500.000 happy users worldwide; it is one of the best selling penis extenders ever made.

I have been in the penis enlargement marked since 2010 and have dedicated my working life to help men who suffer from a small penis. I have worked with almost all kind of penis enlargement techniques including; pumps, pills, exercises, extenders and a few more.

There is several of the techniques that work, but only one will give you permanent results and that’s the penis extender. I would not recommend a penis extender to all men who want a larger penis. Why? Because it takes time and dedication. But I would recommend it to men who really want a larger penis and want to spend time, energy and money on it.

Get a larger penis in a few weeks?

Is it really possible to enlarge your penis in a few weeks? No, penis enlargement takes time, lots of it! That’s why I only recommend it to men that are very dedicated. Penis enlargement with a penis extender takes at least a half year and it is recommended to use the extender for one year. That’s my personal recommendation; I have seen many men fail because they simply gave up in the middle of their project.

Results after a half year and one year

On the official Jes extender website ( it says that you can enlarge your penis by up to 28% in a half year. Well that sounds very good, but that’s not going to happen. You have to double the time spend to make the 28% increase in penis length. That’s why I always recommend using the device for at least one year.

I have made a penis length growth chart that’s looks like this:


And a penis girth growth chart here:


Most men that use Jes Extender have increased their penis size by almost 1/3 after one year. If your penis in 12 cm. long, you will gain 4 cm in 1 year if you use the extender for around 6 hour per day.

It does take a lot of dedication to keep using the extender for one year. You have to keep motivated and think of it as an investment in your body. You can relax after one year and enjoy your larger penis for the rest of your life.

Expensive or?

The Jes Extender cost €200 ($275); you might think that it expensive. You have to look at it as an investment in your body that will last the rest of your life. It will improve your self-esteem and make your much more confident. Most people spend tons of money on their car and nothing on them self. That does not make any sense to me. You can always replace your car, but you can never replace your body with a new and better one. Take care of it and spend some time, energy and money to improve it.

How does the Jes Extender work?

The extender works by stretching your penis. It is done with a so called “tension system” that puts more and more tension on the extender that then stretches your penis more and more. When the human tissue cells are stretches during long period of time it starts to do cell division.

Take a look at this Jes extender video about cell division here:

Cell division takes time, that’s why it is so important to use the extender for as long time as possible

How do I use the Jes Extender?

Remember to read the manual first before you start using your new penis extender. All you have to do it set the tension to the right amount (see below for more info.) and put on the device.

It can be a bit painful to wear the device in the beginning, that’s why you should take it easy in the beginning. I have made a tension chart that shows how much tension you should use.

Week: Hours per day: Traction: Penis exercise:
1 1 600g 10min.
2 1-2 600g 10min.
3 2 900g 15min.
4 2-3 900g 15min.
5 3-4 1200g 20min.
6 4-5 1200g 20min.
7 5-6 1500g 25min.

Jes extender comes with a penis enlargement exercise program. I recommend to most men that they follow this program, since it’s going to speed up the penis enlargement process. The exercise program is also good for men who suffer from erection dysfunction.

You can see how the extender should look on your penis:


Try to assemble the extender a few times so you get comfortable with it.

What’s left to say?

Well not much! I just want to make clear that Jes Extender is properly the best penis extender on the marked right now. Jes extender is the perfect penis enlarger if you are dedicated and are willing to spend some time on it! Don’t go for pills or pumps! I would any day recommend this device over any other enlargement method.

Buy Jes Extender here and start your penis enlargement in a few days.


If you have any question, feel free to write me an email at and good luck with your penis enlargement project!

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